How to Conduct Effective Board Meetings

Board meetings are the occasions when board members offer valuable feedback on a company’s progress. Board meetings are also an opportunity for board members to establish camaraderie and build trust.

A successful board meeting begins with a clear explanation of the purpose of the meeting before the board meets. This means the distribution of a board document that contains all the necessary information to conduct the discussion (no need to include more you can find out more about the board software can help you with coordinating productive meeting than what’s crucial) and creating an agenda that highlights the items most important to be discussed.

Some boards utilize Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide to how they conduct their meetings, however using this book isn’t necessary for every board. In general, it is the chair’s responsibility to ensure that all materials and invitations are delivered on time, that notes are taken, as well as that all board members receive the necessary materials before the meeting.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not preparing and distribute their board documents in time. It is crucial to inform the board of meeting objectives to all participants prior to the beginning of the board meeting so directors have a chance to prepare and ask questions prior to the meeting. This helps you keep your meeting as short as you can and save time for discussion. In fact the event that you have a persnickety board member who demands the inclusion of a long report on the agenda, set it to last and at least an hour before any breaks.