How to Prepare for a Meeting

There’s a saying that goes “An an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is a good rule of thumb for meetings, especially when it comes to planning and preparing. The more time you invest in making sure that your meeting is well-organized, the more productive it will be.

For brainstorming sessions, an update on a project or even a conference call, there are certain actions that each participant in a meeting must follow to prepare for the gathering. This article will offer simple guidelines to assist you in ensuring that the meeting you’re taking part in is efficient and productive.

Start by identifying what the purpose of the gathering. Choose the subjects that must be discussed, and then assign time slots for each. This will keep you on track and stop you from going off-topic. This will also help you determine the length of your meeting.

Then, gather any material that you plan to share during the meeting. These could include slides for presentations reports, slides, or any other documents that can aid in the discussion. Make sure that they are accessible to attendees, either by adding them to the invite or by sharing them on your internal communications channel.

Check the list of attendees and ask yourself if everyone who has been invited will have a role in the discussion. If not, you should remove those who have an additional knowledge or decision-making power. Also, think about assigning a person directly responsible for each action item.